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Join WinWorld: THE "WINPACK"

How to join? WinWorld?

Just click on Create an account, then fill in the required fields. As for the “name of your sponsor” : by default the first name Elom is registered, leave it if you do not come from a friend. If you’re coming from someone who already registered with WinWorld, indicate the user name of this one in the field "nickname of the sponsor", this will allow you to be placed under it in the tree of the commission plan we talked about in the our services section on the About page.

Here you are, you have just purchased your first winpack! Welcome!


And if you want to know more about the compensation plan it’s by here.


What is Winpack?

The winpack is your ticket to WinWorld.It has a value of 50£ and allows you to access; all our services to; life

your disposal a Business Provider contract that can be downloaded from your back office (your personal space once you have signed up with WinWorld), so that you can fill it. For information, a business contributor is, as the name suggests, a person who comes to bring business to a customer. a company, what you can do for us via the commission plan provided at; To this effect, by bringing people to register with WinWorld. In exchange, you are rewarded with bonuses. It’s the same principle as a job, you give us more visibility, so you do us a favor, so we pay you money. It’s WIN-WIN! 

If you want more information on what a business introducer is you can just click here.


what does the winpack give you access to?


Our different Services:

  • WinInvestPossibility of to invest with the services of our partners without limit in complete safety; with a fixed bonus.
  • Win-Up ProgramSupport from A to A Z and Partial Financing of your business project.
  • Remuneration System
    • Access to; a certified business provider contract
    • Access to commission plan to reward you of your commitment
    • Access to; numerous gifts (Iphone/MackBook, villa) according to the evolution of your career as a business provider (if you bring more or less people in the company) and therefore the different ranks you pass (a bit like in a video game except that there you win real gifts!) in the commission plan. 


Our different Trainings:

  • Monthly conferences on real estate live and in replay by Ludovic Bréant< /li>
  • Conferences monthly on the crypto-currency live and in replay: you allows you to’ have a better understanding of the strategy adopted by Emmanuel BARBE for the  WinBonus
  • Conferences from our partners who share their experience
  • English and Spanish lessonsall levels, in replay
  • Conferences on personal development and life coaching in replay
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